Friday, July 17, 2009


This probably the coolest apartment building I've ever seen:

Waldspirale, Darmstadt in Germany

Pics here and here ... Wiki ... from what I gather is the Darmstadt Chamber of Commerce.


Anonymous said...

oh that's cool. Never saw that.

*begins to blabber*
I have an online buddy from Marburg that I have MSNed a lot with. Back when I was trying to see if I'd feel comfy blogging @ the ONW I had planned to maybe pick his brain a bit because Marburg is like some kind of "model" green city. He (and others) were up-in-arms to varying degrees because of a recent requirement that new construction and significant renovation projects have mandatory solar.
So when ppl here talk about "moving towards" green-ness it is interesting to see those who are a bit farther down the road, and what is actually happening. Now here the idea of "green" has this utopian ring to it. But in actuality implementing green ideas in small day-to-day ways is about as smooth and utopian as getting a goddam roundabout going in Oshkosh. So average-Joe-German types in this "model community" are pissin and moaning as per usual. And as the folks who have to deal with costs and actually LIVING it, I am not implying their concerns are not legitimate. I’m sure they are.
Also my pal’s views of the German Greens are interesting since he was quite active in them as a young man (even during their nasty spilt into various factions) and as he talks I see they seem SO unlike for example your local Greens in Osh or Madison, and it's also interesting to see references/reactions to a Green party that has had (or shared in coalitions) actual power, and how they really function. And ! if in fact Greens are any different from an other political party (as in more moral, high-minded etc. pffft! No !!!!!)

Interesting contrast to the (also quite utopian and naïve-sounding) rhetoric of the Greens here and how they say it would be if they had a share of the pie. But Lol he was in the Greens for years and hates them now, really hates them. Finds them loaded with BS.
Quite interesting. But a lot of work to write all that sort up, research, grammar and whatnot. Too much work for the time I have and the fact that I have about 5 committed readers and the ONW blog was NOT a good idea at all. Also the German guy rants like there is no tomorrow once he gets going and I’d have to deal with that. O_o
But Germany is quite interesting in that both Greens (party) and green (lifestyle) seem to be a bit more of a daily reality than here and theoretically something could maybe be learned. But it seems pundits/commentators are only interested in rhetoric wars rather than STFU-ing and just simply exploring an idea or two and (god forbid) DISCUSSING

Here is quick Marburg thing solar
and omg my friend gets annoyed that mayor Fritz Kahle <_<
And hahaha I find the phrasing in the article "Now Marburg enters the third millennium seeking renewed fame in a thoroughly modern manner" quite corny and amusing. Makes yer heart swell don't it. XDDD

People always say I have “no point”, so here is a point for you - any blog-reader/political junkie who wants to pick a country (any country) and follow it’s political life (NOT from crappy US Journalistic sources, but some other way) as much as they can, well I would advise it. After awhile it gives a bit of context for the way you “hear” things here in the US. Not that it gets you anywhere in life, but it’s good for your brain (maybe)

BTW Chief – yer brain seems just fine. No worries there. See ya

Anonymous said...

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