Friday, July 24, 2009

New Toys

If you're one of those guys who likes to listen to police scanners (and even blog about it), then we now have the perfect time waster for you! The Chief is happy to announce that we're providing a link to the Winnebago County Sheriff and Oshkosh Police Department radio scanner in the sidebar to the right.

Now you'll know why there are a dozen squad cars parked down the street and police officers are stealthily scouring your backyard with flashlights!

So far as we can tell neither the OPD nor the sheriff's office provide this service online (not that we think they have to).

A very large tip of the hat to the JT Irregulars, from whom we are shamelessly stealing this idea.


kkdither said...

Do not feel guilty for "stealing." Thanks for giving credit and linking back to our site. (JTI)

Jb said...

Rock on, kkdither!

Love your site ... keep doing what you're doing.