Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Hogs of Hunan Province

More from the front lines of Sino-Wisconsin trade: Harley-Davidson edition.

Meanwhile, one of the state's largest law firms gets in on the action too.

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CJ said...

"Fair trade must be a two-way street,"..."China's roadblock to Harley- Davidson is unacceptable. There will always be a demand for a classic like Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but artificial barriers are threatening U.S. jobs."

Fellow Democratic Sens. Kohl and...McCaskill joined Schumer and Casey in urging U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez to press China on municipal regulations that limit or even ban heavy-duty motorcycle use in urban areas.

Harley-Davidson has been in China for two years, but has made almost no sales because of those rules, the senators said..."

Why doesn't Harley Davidson seize this opportunity and create a lighter new, small engine design to not only meet China's limits and restrictions, but create a lower fuel comsumption model for riders at home. Not everyone wants to ride a huge hog. Adapt to the needs of the market.

Give it a different name if they don't want to destroy the "Harley mistique", but heck-- there's several million (or is it billion?)Chinese just ripe for a ride.