Friday, June 29, 2007


The final installment of the Guardian film thingy:

Seen, in its entirety -- the whole way through, sequentially, in one-sitting or otherwise with the aide of a pause button: 84 (247)

Got through most of, but might have missed a scene here or there: 22 (62)

Have read enough articles about and/or seen enough clips via "Best [insert genre here] Movies of All Time"-type shows that frequently show up on cable channels like VH-1 or Bravo to get the point: 41 (141)

I got nothing: 198 (482)

Evidently arithmetic is not my forte since I'm short about 68 movies, according to these numbers. I suppose I could do the due diligence to correct these figures, but to be perfectly honest most of the fun of this exercise was arriving at a number, be it accurate or not.

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