Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ron Johnson Really doesn't Know what He's doing in U.S. Senate, does He?

Oy vey:
Senator Ron Johnson is frustrated with inaction in Washington. The freshman Senator from Wisconsin is dissatisfied with the glacial pace of the Senate. He’s been in office six months, during which just six laws have been passed. “We spent 16 weeks debating three bills. The total dollar amount of those bills is $20 billion. That’s about half a percent of what this federal government will spend this year,” said Johnson, an Oshkosh business owner who campaigned on the need to reign in federal spending and reduce the deficit.

Johnson’s comments on the floor came as Senators engaged in ‘colloquy’, or conversations, over a non-binding debt reduction bill. “This week we’ve spent 15 hours debate. We called it a ‘sense of the Senate resolution’. It really should be called the nonsense of the Senate. That’s what’s been occurring this week, and it’s a tragedy.” Johnson noted that, as of Friday, it will be 800 days since Congress last passed a federal budget. Johnson’s comments came as President Obama began meeting with congressional leaders on a deal to raise the debt limit.
I don't know how fast Johnson expected things to move in the Senate, especially while he's in the minority and the House is is under different majority leadership.

I've heard that one of the smartest things new members of any legislative body can do is to start boning up on parliamentary procedure the morning after election to the point that one is a black belt on legislative rules by the time the oath of office is taken. Johnson clearly has not been given this advice. This is the second time in as many weeks that he's come out in public all doe-eyed at the mention of a senate rule: last week it was the concept of consent, and he he gives his audience the obvious "nonsense of the Senate resolution" joke. Perhaps he should study the Senate rules on his own time and save the parliamentary punchlines for the Capitol Steps.

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