Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Once in Office, Ron Johnson's Speeches will Consist Entirely of Him Reading Extended Passages from "The Protestant Work Ethic"

There's a big picture think piece at Politico this morning on the senate race here in Wisconsin. Hopefully readers will make it far enough into the article to catch this line:

This is what makes the outcome of this election so intriguing. If [Ron] Johnson and others like him win, they seem less interested in plunging into specific legislation and more inclined to wage a philosophical messaging war to change the GOP and the nature of governance. Asked what innovative ideas he might push in office, Johnson didn't talk of tax reform or private Social Security accounts, or of anything a conventional senator might do.

Instead, he committed himself to a "re-education of America" and talked about how expectations of government help are spinning wildly out of control, creating “a culture of dependency" that has little appreciation for what it takes for individuals and businesses to thrive. One could easily hear Angle in Nevada and Paul in Kentucky making the same case, with the same intensity, using the same words to win – and planning the same approach if elected.

Aside from the unfortunate -- but entirely in character -- use of the word "re-education," Johnson has basically vowed to do nothing but tell the state of Wisconsin that it's not working hard enough. While it remains to be seen if this is a way to get elected, it's certainly no plan to get re-elected.


Anonymous said...

I have no desire to be educated by an arrogant little twit who got Ds all through High School and has an IQ half of my own.
He can jack it up his ass.
Seriously, what kind of messiah does this fucker think he is.
Re-Educate an entire nation? he's just that smart?
What an out of control ego.

gnarlytrombone said...

Maoist economics, lysenkoist science, and re-education.

Now I understand why my kid's been talking to his finger: RedRon RedRon RedRon.

tubularharpsichord said...

It's nice to know the local schizophrenics read your blog

BlueRuss BlueRuss BlueRuss

Josh Herman said...


Toolius Caesar said...

Yes. I got really upset by this, in a way I have not been upset since the abuses of the Bush era.
While most people are laughing at his sunspots, I feel that RoJo is actually a very dangerous man.

I should write a blog post about why, but I kinda lost my mojo (opposite of RoJo) and time, time time...
plus, the election "situation has really spun out to a point where hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent by very influential people, with trained shark-like operatives moving in packs thru the murky depths of Democracy..way past the point where the efforts an individual un-trusted, un-attached blogger means shit. At times like these, I really should be cleaning my closets if I want to have a positive impact on my environment.

Sewius Maximus said...


Hintz was the recipient of the email re: RoJo request for Stimulus dollars.

interesting and somehow LOL-ish

Also interesting is that RoJo must not be all that charming in person. Too many of the people he worked with on committees over the years are ready to give him up. It doesn't come off as partisan loyalty, or even petty back-stabbing.

It seems more like - alarm. Like these people aren't by nature "boat-rockers" (most committee people are not, simply because no rockin' boat moves forward, so it's far more common for Committee People to smooth over petty crap, keeping Eyes on the Prize etc. Most folks trying to do good for their city do NOT like to make fusses in public)

To me, the undercurrent in all these bits and pieces is that Ron Johnson treads with a very heavy step, that he is quite single-minded, never agonizes over "what is right" because he is SURE he has THE ANSWER, and pretty much NEVER feels anyone else has anything of value to bring to the table. In short to pay close attention to the people who have seen him in action,
Ron Johnson has already been working to "re-educate" Oshbkosh and has an almost pathological disregard for the opinions and realites of those he works with.
You can say I'm reading too much into things, but i stand by my deductions.
I'll bet serious cash (RoJo's cash) that quite a few people would think (if they read this, which they won't)
"Nailed It".
Call that arrogance if you like but
Stewie trusts his gut.
***And Stewie's gut churns when he looks at or hears about Ron Johnson***

I meant Stewius, dammit!!! said...

i forgot the T

must be because Ah hates Da TEEEEEE

a non-Roman Stewie said...

Chiefy darling -

Make every effort as diligently as possible to stay anonymous. Who gives a flying fuck if they call you a coward. It's necessary. Obviously you get that already but ah'm jest sayin'...

CJ said...


Are you there man?

Un-Convincing Chief Impersonator said...


I'm not

CJ said...

You almost had me.....

Anonymous said...


okay so you're working on some Idiot's campaign
OR you are great with child from an Alien Insemination Experiment OR you have a hot new chick (which is WRONG as creates an illusion of happiness and "meaning" in your life while tragically reducing your commitment to other activities, to wit, the ones that require CLOTHING, plus it makes you annoy everyone you know with sappy mooney facial expressions etc etc.) But most critically any of these activities diverts attention from BLOGGING!
and also...

You're naughty

SO! once the IDIOT is elected,
or you pop that green baby
YOU WILL git yer ass back to the goddam blog.

as dictated to Stewie by CJ
cuz you KNOW this sounds exactly like how she would talk

mmm hmmmm

CJ said...


I think it. But you say it.

Anonymous said...

well then CJ
If that's how it is, then say THIS to Chief.

Stewie is bored,
Stewie is unappreciated.
Stewie has been over at TalkToTony making INCREDIBLY witty and insightful, yet slightly twisted comments that DO NOT make it thru comment moderation over there!!!! I don't think anyone, especially not Stewie, would be surprised by this churn of events, but still...c'est le boring. And somehow heinously un-American.

Chief, you need to put an end to the putting-an-end-to Stewie Remarks. Rise up, and walk forth amongst your peeples once again.
And also, after all this time not expressing yourself you outta be really bitchin when you DO come back.
Counting the minutes. Chief, counting the minutes,

Love, (and I mean that in the most carnal way imaginable)


Anonymous said...

Come back Chief!

Anonymous said...

You need to write more. Serious.

CJ said...

Gone off the grid?
Detained in Guantanamo?
CIA Black Op?
Abducted by aliens?
-Went into the witness protection program?
-Kidnapped by terrorists?
-Kidnapped by cannibals and made into stew. (Sorry Stewie, no reference intended).
-Incarcerated for (fill in the blank__________)?
-Hospitalized for (fill in the blank__________)?
-Your "honey to-do" list is 3,000 pages long?
-Suffering from a dissociative personality disorder? So how many of you are there?
-Busy climbing Mount Everest?
-Joined a cult?
-Been "outed" as The Chief..............

I'm amusing myself while we await your return.
Anyone else?

In a Stew-ie said...

Oh mah Faaah-reeekin God.

I am so tired of amusing myself. No matter how ridiculous, annoying, offensive, loose-cannon-y, or just plain lame I may appear to others, it is just snoozeville in here. Goddammit, I already know what I am going to say. Oh sure I do laugh at my own remarks but everyone knows the Laughter of the Narcissist rings hollow *sigh*
Okay not all that hollow, I find myself endlessly delightful no matter what. I'm also highly gratified at seeing my name in a CJ comment. Yes, something as small as that sends me into a spiral of self-adoration. But still, this is some high-grade bullshit goin' on here I can tell you that.

Sooo, as I began above~ Oh mah Faaah-reeekin God. I am sick to DEATH of checking this fuckin page, and intermittently begging for this man to return. If I ever find myself on my knees, then my nose had better smashed reverently into a lovely Persian carpet in the new Oshkosh Mosque.(bad imagery, but I need it for this next bit coming up)

A Mosque which we could probably discuss in a LIVE CHAT whilst ridiculing the various persons involved in the decision (known officially as Mosque-itos) But oh of course we can't cuz The Man Ain't Here.

Christ on a Crutch! Balls on toast!

But fie upon him then, the knave. I shall pine no more! Nicht mit der pining! Nein!
No more faithful dog waiting at the bus stop for an errant Timmy to come home. No more staring into the Gramophone-trumpet-shaped old-fashioned-record-player thingie mesmerized by the sound of "His Master's Voice!
That's right, I'm going to stop salivating for you Pavlov!!!
This is IT, do you hear!???!



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