Monday, January 4, 2010

There are More Important Things in Life

This story is tragic and sad, but completely expected given the blogger's body of work. The worst part about it is reading this:
From what I have been able to ascertain in the very few minutes that my wife and I spoke after the court hearing, it appears that my wife doesn’t want to understand constitutional or economic matters and has a great desire to just ignore everything that is happening to our lives, country, rights, economy, The Constitution and the rule of law and go on with life like nothing of this matters. Apparently her desire for wanting to ignore all of these things was far greater than I comprehended. And that appears to be the rub between us right now, even though I felt we were getting along and loved one another very well over the last many recent months. I didn’t realize that she was so furious “inside” about me being so involved in our State and National patriot groups, Constitutional education efforts, studies in the science of governance and economics. It is apparent that she suggested to HHS that I am some sort of a threat to all of mankind because of my great concern for our country, economy and our liberty. It seems ironic that she would suggest that I am a danger to those for whose rights and finances and freedom I fight for in my volunteered efforts and civic duty to God and my country, my fellow countrymen and even the future of our own children.

(emphasis added)
Those are the ramblings of someone who has crossed so far over the line of paranoia that he is just completely oblivious to those closest to him. If you read both posts carefully, you may start to recognize some of the tics of an addict, someone whose life is so consumed by one specific thing that nothing else matters.

I hope he finds help.


Zach W. said...

I just can't understand how he thinks making a 9 year old start a four mile walk to Menard's in December is "responsible discipline."

Jb said...

There's nothing to understand. I've read through both posts several times now and each time I start to understand further that his wife really just needs to sever all ties with this guy.

There isn't any hope for him. He cares more about his paranoid worldview in which he is a heroic "patriot" more than his family. End of story.

I don't blame her for being worried that he a danger to others.