Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Phyrrhic Victory

If you didn't get a chance to see Doug Hoffman's utterly sycophantic interview with Glenn Beck, kick back and enjoy watching Hoffman fold like a beach chair.

I'm sure this will be greeted with hosannas by supporters, but when you pair this interview with the star-struck op-ed the NY Post published and the fact that he couldn't meet with an editorial board without Dick Armey's help, Conservatives should be worried that Doug Hoffman is going to go straight to Washington and fall in line with the GOP leadership, the very people the "grassroots" (if the term actually qualifies in this race) are trying to send a message to. He's not too bright, not too strong and not at all ready for prime time.

So he's not exactly the guy you want leading the vanguard of the revolution, and yet here comes everybody!

This will not end well for conservatives. Here's Stu Rothenberg:
In fact, Democrats might be better off were Hoffman to win the special election in New York. Yes, that outcome would prevent Democrats from expanding their House majority, but a Hoffman win might embolden the Club for Growth and encourage conservatives to take on other Republicans who aren't entirely pure. And encouraging a bigger GOP civil war is something that could help Democrats win more than a single additional seat in the House.
And Froma Harrop:
If Hoffman wins, every Baby Beck will be trying to dethrone the moderate Republican establishment in purple districts, such as this one. They will be running armadillos in Canadian goose country. And they will lose a lot more than they will win.
That's a bleak future to rest the hopes of the entire tea party movement.

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