Sunday, October 18, 2009

Call Out Boy

I get a kick out of Kyle Maichle's Northshore Exponent -- there's an earnest obliviousness to the blog that is rarely seen this side of "Kids Say the Darnedest Things," and Maichle's post this morning is a perfect example of that.

First some background. Maichle's been riding DPW Chairman Mike Tate pretty much since he assumed duties earlier this year and evidently an anonymous commenter called him out on it, saying:
Can you explain why you have such a hard-on for Mike Tate? You’ve managed to mention him in almost every single post written on this blog. What is your relationship with this guy?
Maichle goes on to justify his Mike Tate fetish as a service to the community, saying he's taking it upon himself to hold Tate accountable for something. What is not really explained: Tate holds no office. His job as chairman is to pretty much raise money. One of the ways chairs do this is by throwing red meat. We'll let Maichle discover this on his own time, however...

Maichle's at his best when he's tut-tutting the anonymous poster with the righteous indignation of a puritan in a brothel. Take a good hard look at the title of the post:

We are making an inappropraite commenter famous, and now you know his name

Got it? Kinda threatening, sorta evocative of a thundering voice of divine retribution bellowing down from on high, no? Well, after spending most of the post explaining his man crush with Tate, Maichle finally gets down to the calling-out business in the last paragraph:
Lastly, the North Shore Exponent is serving a purpose to hold accountable those who are not held accountable to the mainstream media. Because the right is picking up on the blogs, many on the left will engage in conduct like what this person did to try to discredit hard work. However, any person who makes inappropriate comments on this blog will have their comments publicly admonished and like John McCain said: “I will make ‘em famous and you will all know their names."
I think instead of "to" Maichle meant "in" in the first sentence.

Anyway, for some reason Maichle decides to get all John McCain on us and quote one of the least memorable lines of an otherwise forgettable campaign, but the best part is he never actually calls out the commenter! Seriously, we never once find out what the commenter's name is. Here's Maichle, saying he's gonna make this guy an internationally renown pariah and somewhere on the way to infamy he forgot to, you know, actually call the guy out!


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