Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now if Only He can Win an Election in Wisconsin...

Sykes is all aflutter that Wisconsin GOP chair Reince Priebus is going to be running Michael Steele's "transition" as RNC chair. This is presumably a reward for running Steele's successful campaign.

Which is good news for Priebus because in the last two election cycles he's presided over a state GOP that's gotten its ass beaten down. Let's just take a quick stroll down memory lane:

  • Lost control of the state senate
  • Lost an extremely expensive Governor's race
  • Lost an open congressional race in a traditionally GOP district
  • Lost the state assembly
  • Failed to make Wisconsin even remotely competative for the GOP presidential nominee
  • Failed to unseat the vulnerable incumbant in the traditionally GOP district he helped lose in 2006
That's quite the resume.

, if you need someone to win a race between six candidates competing for a grand total of 168 votes in a contest that has six seperate rounds of voting, well, then Priebus is the guy for you!

Let's just hope Priebus remembers all the little people back here in the Badger State when the GOP calls him up to the majors and asks him to lose elections from the comfort of the party's headquarters in Washington.

MORE: Really, how many full time staffers are there at the RNC? Is a "transition" really necessary? I understand the PR value of calling something a transition, but isn't this kind of a ridiculously transparent gimmick?

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