Sunday, January 11, 2009

You've Got King Kong Balls (There, Happy Now?)

If you manage to sift through Mary Lazich's receptionist's sorry parsing of his own sloppy writing, then get through his wanktacular "media analysis," there's a throw-away line that ends Fischer's MJS Scorecard post that is well worth noting:
Could we be making a difference already?
Judging by the "balance" Fischer seems to find this week, one would assume the author believes the answer to this question is yes -- and as that simple little word rattled around in my head upon reading that line, it hit me: Fischer has not only rigged his shoddy experiment to conform to conditions that are greatly in his favor, but he has also rigged the conclusions as well.

If after a year (or however long he expects this charade to go on) he finds that the MJS has printed more liberal viewpoints in the Crossroads than conservative sections, Fischer has earned the right to claim that the paper is in the bag for the Left. But if he happens to discover that there actually is a fairly even split in opinion, he gets to say that because of his ongoing efforts to monitor the press, the MJS was forced to make conservative voices heard. Thanks to him, of course.

It's not about media bias. It's about self-aggrandizement.

Bravo, you evil genius. Brav-fricking-o.

So let's all just take a moment and concede this fight to Fischer. Sir, you've won. We are clearly all inferior to the Socratic wonder which is logical acumen. We are powerless in the presence of your intellect. You may now return to answering the phone in Senator Lazich's office.

By the way, does any one else find it at all creepy that a political appointee is trying to manipulate and/or influence the editorial content of a newspaper? Aren't there just a few "freedom of the press" issues that spring up here?

Now that's how you end a blog post with a rhetorical question.


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Wanktacular? I may have to borrow that one someday.

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