Thursday, December 11, 2008

"In the past I had been a fan of Ryan. I am not a fan any longer. "

Owen Robinson banishes Paul Ryan from his conservative fiefdom, apparently unmoved by the small detail that an obscene portion of the Rock County economy revolves around the closing GM plant (but have no fear, the Janesville JCPenny is staying open!).

And some dude who goes by the nom de comment RecessSupervior'sSupervisor deploys the rarely utilized "You're a Fag!" argument, last used during the famous Berkeley/Johnson debates, to advance his cause...

[The RSS starts off his "argument" with an outright falsehood: "The public overwhelmingly opposes these bailouts." Not so, according to Pollster:

Do you approve or disapprove of the federal government providing money to banks and other financial institutions to try to help fix the country's economic problems?

    46% Approve
    44% Disapprove
    When looking at just the auto sector bailout, the public is equally as divided.]

    Such is the state of conservative debate: If you do something I don't agree with, you are dead to me. If you try to explain the nuance of the situation, you're gay.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Party of Ideas!


    Steve Egg also adds much needed substance to the debate...

    Thus far the only public voice that has provided me with a reason to oppose the bailout has been Rep. Kagan. There are tons of perfectly valid reasons to oppose the bailout, but the Right seems content to say "This is bad" and leave it at that. That's not good enough.


    Ahh, this is better ...


    Oops ... now we're back to square one.

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