Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More on Film...

I seem to have done better on the second installment of the Guardian's on going list. This fixture's numbers (total numbers in parens):

Seen: 60 (123)
Seen parts of: 18 (31)
Essentially know enough about without having seen at all: 38 (67)
No clue: 80 (181)

Movie that I actually own, but wasn't expecting to see show up on the list: The Golem
(Carl Boese, Paul Wegener, 1920)
A rabbi in 16th-century Prague conjures up a living clay man to save his community from expulsion by the emperor - for, ironically, charges of witchcraft. Once activated, the powerful creature eventually runs amok amidst the expressionistic sets, in many scenes that later found echoes in Frankenstein.

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