Friday, April 29, 2011

Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot.

Here's Ron Johnson being asked the tough questions:
Donald Trump. He described real estate mogul as a superb marketer, but doubts whether he is a serious presidential candidate.
That's funny, because last year the very same thing was said about a guy named Ron Johnson ... and yet here we are.

Incidentally, I'm beginning to pick up on a pattern with regard to Wisconsin-based media accounts interviews, press conferences or other interactions with Johnson: they all drip with a patronizing condescension that's subtle, yet very hard to ignore. Clink on the link above to see what I mean.

When asked what he thinks should be done about the budget deficit, Johnson replies "Constitutional amendment!" which is silly considering only 17 amendments have ever been enacted. It's a completely unrealistic way of correcting a problem, so unrealistic that you can basically visualize the reporter making the universal jerking off hand motion instead of asking follow-up questions like "How much support do you have for that in the Senate right now?" "How many meetings have you had to get an Amendment passed?" "What kind of legal issues are you running into crafting the Amendment's language?" and "Who are you consulting to fix those legal problems?"

The key to being a good interview is providing fresh answers to obvious questions, especially when the answers are already widely known that eventually lead into uncharted territory. Interviews with Johnson thus far have been the exact opposite and many consist of local reporters asking the bear minimum getting the obligatory bullshit answers and never bothering to do any follow-up because they know all too well there isn't any point.

The "Johnson addressed a variety of other issues" section is indicative of just how little reports warrant Johnson's opinion: I felt like Johnson was going to tell me what his favorite color was or how his favorite class is "recess."

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