Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More is Apparently Less ... When it Comes to Regulation

There are so many layers of bullshit to this story it's really hard to know where to start:
A regulatory reform bill proposed Tuesday by Gov. Scott Walker would place new restrictions on wind development and calls for a special exemption for a Neenah-based businessman and contributor to Walker's gubernatorial campaign.
So right off that bat we've got Walker increasing regulations -- even though he ran an entire campaign claiming that just such regulations were "job killers," etc. -- whilst carving a convenient exemption, and likely competitive advantage, for a contributor.

All hail the "free market"!

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Stymied Stewie said...

Either something is "up" with Google, or with this blog's comments functions, OR you are deleting my remarks.
Stuff I have said is not around. I normally don't check for that sort of thing, but I just noticed yet again there is a Zero Comments on a post where I had definitely commented
LOL I expect that (and get it!) from Palmeri, but....:/