Sunday, December 2, 2007

DJ Huckabee

According to along time Arkansas political observer, Huckabee "is more Don Imus than Billy Graham."

The Chuck Norris alliance, the tailgate party in South Carolina with the wrestler, the pardon for Keith Richards, the playing of bass guitar in a rock cover band offering Lynyrd Skynyrd - isn't all that out of character for a man from the Southern Baptist pulpit?

Actually, Huckabee was a radio man before he was a preacher and he has remained more decidedly a media man than a pulpit man.


As a midteen, Huckabee found work, including some on-air, on a Hope radio station. Then he had one of those seminal religious moments. So he figured he'd apply his talents and interests to serve Jesus through Christian broadcasting.

That led him to the seminary, after which, almost by accident, he got preaching work in Pine Bluff, then Texarkana. In both towns, he supplemented the preaching with work for which he was better-suited and that he more enjoyed. That would be a local cable television show.

Check out the whole thing -- it seems to suggest that the true heir to the "Great Communicator's" legacy in this election is not Fred Thompson, but Mike Huckabee. I don't know how much support Huckabee has been able to siphon from unimpressed Thompson loyalists, but this could explain why.

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