Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Annette Ziegler May Not Be the Worst State Supreme Court Justice in America

I'm sure it's a tighter race than any of us suspect, but a majority of the Louisiana State Supreme Court must certainly be in contention:

The [U.S. Supreme C]ourt this morning heard oral argument in the case of Allen Snyder, a Louisiana man who claims that African-Americans were knocked off his jury so that the prosecutor could compare him to [O.J.] Simpson. Snyder was charged with stabbing his wife and her companion and then claimed mental illness as police closed in. He was convicted by the all-white jury and sentenced to death.


Incidentally, the Louisiana Supreme Court upheld Snyder’s conviction, noting at one point that the trial judge allowed the comparison to Simpson because the prosecutor never told the jury that both the defendant, Snyder, and the famous ex-football star, Simpson, are black.

(emphasis added)

If the case interests you, the transcript is here. [via SCOTUSBlog]

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