Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shorter Ron Johnson: Tommy Thompson can go Fuck Himself

Jesus, the guys been in office four months and is already forgetting how he he got in to office in the first place:
Asked about that contrast Tuesday, Johnson said he hopes Thompson will "change his mind," and was noncommittal on a run by Thompson, who is likely to face primary opposition from the right.

"My guess is that maybe other people will hop in the race and I think we'll have a number of pretty good candidates that might vie for the nomination," Johnson said. "We'll wait and see."
If Thompson would have run in 2010, Johnson wouldn't have had a chance. 

The amusing thing about the fragging that is supposedly coming from moderates in the GOP is that sooner or later it's going to be the ideologues that are responsible for the fragging. No as conservative as Johnson is going o win a senate in Wisconsin in 2010, not with Obama at the top of the ticket and the president's ground game running up and down the state.

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